Developer Academy is technical L&D in a box.

An easy-to-adopt, turn-key, subscription-based alternative to in-house, centralized Learning & Development for technical employees.

Improve Developer Engagement
Stop Losing Your Best Developers
Give Your Developers The Tools They Need To Succeed

When highly-skilled technical workers are not given an opportunity to grow their skills, they start looking for another job.

- Developer Survey Report 2016

Why Technical L&D In A Box?

Attracting and Retaining Top Technical Talent Is Imperative

Tech unemployment is <1%. Salaries are growing 25% year over year. It costs 200% of annual salary to replace highly skilled workers. You need an innovative approach to attract, retain, and grow the worlds best technical talent.

Traditional L&D Programs Don't Work For Developers

Developers don't learn the same way other employees learn. Developers are innovators at heart. They want to stay ahead of the pack, always learning and exploring. You need a program that blends cutting-edge, self-paced learning with live instruction from experts who've been in the trenches.

Technical L&D In A Box Is Essential For Success

In a world of fast-paced change, exponential growth, and Unicorns, would you rather focus on growth and gaining market share? Or building and managing an in-house centralized L&D team?

The second most important impactful way to retain top engineers is to provide career growth opportunities.

- Inc. Magazine

Developer Academy = Technical L&D In A Box

What's included in this subscription-based Training-as-a-Service?

Learning Management System

A cloud-based LMS that handles everything from event tracking to learner history - all managed by DA

Program Manager

A Learning Program Manager who custom designs, manages, and ensures all aspects of your program are a success

Learning Paths

Hand-Curated Learning Paths for your teams that enable social collaboration and self-paced discovery

Expert-Led Training

Customized, project-focused LIVE Expert-led training delivered globally onsite and online

Continuous Learning

A rich cloud-based on-line library with over 45,000 books, video, and tutorials from industry leading authors

Positive Business Outcomes

Metrics & Reports to help you understand the performance and impact of Developer Academy on your business


Developer Academy is an easy-to-adopt, turn-key, subscription-based alternative to in-house, centralized Learning & Development (L&D) for technical employees.

This Training-as-a-Service subscription model delivers greater access to learning in a more flexible, robust and efficient manner.


Developer Academy is a one-stop shop for technical L&D that your engineers will love.




With the DI Developer Academy, the amount of technical training available to your developers will increase over 130%, without increasing your budget. 


More Training. Better Learning. Less Overhead.  A Professional Development Win. 

Companies who Rely on Developer Academy

100 Developers Annually


iTriage Developer Academy Details

iTriage faced the challenge of having a large number of junior developers who weren’t getting the professional development they needed. This left junior developers feeling career stagnation and created a talent shortage for mid-tier developers. DevelopIntelligence helped iTriage organize their developer career development pathways and we regularly deliver conference-style learning spikes to their developers on the latest technologies.

600 Developers Annually


Dish Developer Academy Details

Dish faced a major cultural challenge with their developer workforce. Developers felt like they weren’t getting the support and professional development they deserved. Training vendors were delivering mediocre quality courses for high prices. Dish didn’t have the internal structure in place to manage multiples courses, vendors, and instructors. DevelopIntelligence helped Dish by redesigning their learning programs and implementing a learning management system for them. This helps Dish better track which developers are taking which class, average class attendance, cost per student, and other necessary metrics.

1,000 Developers Annually


Salesforce's Developer Academy

When Salesforce started working with DevelopIntelligence, they didn’t have a formalized professional development program and didn’t have the budget to build one. They believed they were stuck between choosing either instructor-led training or self-paced learning for their developers. They didn’t know how to structure their programs or what types of classes to give to their developers. DevelopIntelligence helped them design a training program that could accommodate the right instructor-led classes at the right time and give their developers access to the self-paced Safari Books Online (through our relationship with Safari). We currently help them with program design, educational consulting, managing course deliveries, scheduling instructors, and giving Safari books online to their developers.

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